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Grounding is the ancient healing practice of connecting your body to the earth. Continue reading

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What a great way to release stress with a meditation visualizing soaring up in the sky feeling free. Continue reading

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What’s New and Exciting!

In 2009 I started writing 2 blogs. The Halcyon Soul Center about Reiki and Meditation, and The Body Principle about Fibromyalgia and Depression. Both have evolved to encompass much more, and what I did find is that many topics covered … Continue reading

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You Seem Distant Since I’ve Attained Enlightenment.

The problems of enlightenment from a lighthearted perspective. Brian Dunn takes a look at enlightenment in relationships when one party is enlightened and the other …. well you just have to read this amusing article to find out more. . … Continue reading

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Following is the email for the next World Peace Card Meditations.  If this is the first time you are reading this and would like to participate, please follow the directions in the following email.  The future dates will be posted … Continue reading

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Hello, I am back from a surprised unscheduled leave of absence.  Yes, I was forced to take time off  the computer and rest my wrists and fingers.  They were getting numb due to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  I have a tendency … Continue reading

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