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Grounding is the ancient healing practice of connecting your body to the earth. Continue reading

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STAYING POSITIVE – Creating and Maintaining a High Frequency

With my health not being up to par this past year I have been worrying a lot.  When I catch myself I stop and turn it into a positive thought because worrying is a negative vibration that I really don’t … Continue reading

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I have had some health issues that I had to deal with that used up most of my physical energy.  I am feeling much better now and I hope to be back writing again. When I was pregnant for both … Continue reading

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Hello, and how has  everyone been this past summer? I have a few apologies to make. First: I do not endorse the latest antics of Jim Carey, as such I have pulled the last post with the two videos of … Continue reading

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I have to apologize, I received this months ago and I don’t have the author’s name.  Often people don’t realize how powerful the words that came out of their mouth are, because they don’t even stop and think about what … Continue reading

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Due to some security issues this site was offline for the last 24 hours.  I do believe everything is back to normal now so I have put us back online. I really truly believe in my heart that most people … Continue reading

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