Wear Sunscreen

I originally posted this back in June of 2012 but it still holds true even more so now. Please wear sunscreen!!

EXTREME SUN DAMAGE – Make Sunscreen Your Friend

Summer is finally here and so is that urge to take a road trip.  Up in Canada we welcome the  sun blaring down on us as we drive. With the windows open the warm breeze feels  like freedom from the months of cold weather and that closed in snug feeling.  But whether we live in Canada, United States, England, Greece or Australia we all have the same issues in the sun.   We need to wear SUNSCREEN.

No one thinks that driving in a car you need sunscreen, but the UVA  rays go through the windshields.  Below is an excerpt from a recent Yahoo blog Shine-on  titled Sunscreen Lesson – Truck Driver Shows Extreme Sun Damage:

A startling photo published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows the long-term effects of sun exposure, but only on one side of the face.

Sixty-nine-year-old delivery-truck driver Bill McElligott spent 28 years with the left side of his face exposed to the sun. Subsequently, while the right side of his face is aging quite well, the left side looks considerably older than the right.

Dr. Jennifer R.S. Gordon, the doctor who treated the patient, tells the Toronto Star that she’d “never seen sun damage that one-sided,” adding, “Sideways, he looks like two different people.”

To read the full story just click on the link below.


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