Navaho Prayer

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Sit in a spot where you will not be disturbed.  Close your eyes and try to clear your mind.  If you have trouble clearing your mind concentrate on your breathing.   Once you have cleared your mind think of a place you find peaceful and beautiful.  Picture yourself in that place.  It could be a beach, a forest, a meadow full of flowers, any place that brings you peace and beauty.  Take as much time as you need.

Now go for a walk and enjoy the scenery.  When you walk around make sure you take in everything.  The beautiful flowers, the smell of the air, the feeling of the breeze on your skin.    While you are walking around say this Navajo prayer:

I walk with beauty before me

I walk with beauty behind me

I walk with beauty above me

I walk with beauty below me

I walk with beauty all around me

Your world is beautiful, Oh God(/goddess, Gaia, …)

When you are done, sit quietly for a few moments in your special place with your eyes closed.  Then slowly start to concentrate on your breathing again.  When you are ready slowly open your eyes.  Take a few minutes to look around and reacquaint yourself with your surroundings before you get up.



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