Just a Quick Update:

orange eggs in tray with faces

Merging the 2 sites (The Halcyon Soul Center and Body Principle) has given me so much content to go through. I also will be changing the theme of the site to hopefully make it more user friendly.

I will try to post things as I go through the content as well as new information. Please bear with me until everything is sorted out. I will be posting meditations regularly as well. They were very helpful for me.

Thank you all, I hope you’ll like the new site. I know I will.

Have a great day!


About Donna

I came from a financial background including banking, insurance and real estate. I am an advocate for people taking there health into their own hands. That includes mental, physical and spiritual health. I am also a mother and grandmother (babcia) to a delightful, rambunctious, curious, beautiful, precious....(I can go on for ever) little boy.. who melts my heart every day.
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