ANNIHILATION: a Movie Review Nails the Reality of Depression

The following review caught my eye in my Firefox ‘recommended stories’.  I would read all the reviews from people who went to see a movie just before I watch it.  I never give much weight on movie critics as it is just one person’s opinion.  This one is different.

How Annihilation Nails the Complex Reality of Depression
by Angelica Jade Bastien

I haven’t seen this movie but, the way she compared Annihilation to depression and explained the destructive nature of the illness in this review caught my eye. I do believe that “you can never return to the person you once were in the wake of trauma.” You feel like you’re fighting a brick wall every second of every day to do any task. So the thought of giving up is real. Is huge. It doesn’t feel like your own body anymore.
Here is the link to the review.

I don’t think I will be watching the movie anytime soon. I’m just coming out of a third deep depressive episode that lasted over 2 years. After reading the review I’m not ready to go deep down there right now. I couldn’t watch the movie Cake. I’m still healing.

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