Mental health ‘more worthy’ cause than war: soldier | CTV News

Just when our soldiers are coming home.  When it has been the first real combat Canadian Soldiers have seen since what, correct me if I am wrong, but the Korean War?  I am not minimizing the work our military does around the world as Peace Keepers. In fact, I am very proud of that distinction but, now is not the time for cutbacks in mental health funding for our military!!!

The following is a link to the show Question Period that aired Sunday  May 6th, 2012.  The soldier being interviewed was told not to do it.  That is partly the reason for the title.

There is also a Military advocate and journalist who really opens your eyes as to what these men have to go through when they get home.

Mental health ‘more worthy’ cause than war: soldier | CTV News.


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Note: I am not sure how long the link will be available because of the issues involved.

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