When I wrote my own story about obesity I didn’t know that there was already interest on this topic.  There is this one article that has gotten my skin crawling.  MedPage Today is geared towards those in the health field however; I was lucky enough to get in by having a health blog and receive the daily reports.

This past week a MedPage Today poll was conducted on the topic of ‘Should a Morbidly Obese Child be Taken from the Home and his/her parents’. 2956 votes were cast.  Out of the 2956 11% said Yes, parents of morbidly obese children should lose custody and 44% said removal should be an option only in the most extreme cases. But 46% offered a resounding No.

The reason for the poll was due to a commentary by some Harvard researchers suggesting removing a morbidly obese child from his/her home might be a treatment option.

To actually have a thought like that blows my mind.  If they have children of their own, which seems doubtful, the children are away in private school; thus not having to deal with the everyday issues of life.  However, after seeing the results of the poll, I am saddened to think that maybe there is a widening of the gap in the so-called social status; the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

I don’t usually comment on articles but this one made my skin crawl. So here is my comment:

If they take away the obese child they will have to take away the obese parent/s as well.  9 times out of 10 if the child is obese at least one of the parents is.  You don’t punish the child.  Also the parents were probably this way when they were younger.

My grocery bill is much higher trying to eat healthy than it is to eat from the isles.  Majority of these people probably have money problems. They cannot afford to pay the extra on their grocery bill. That money has to go to pay the bills.  God forbid if they had to visit the food bank one month, you will not find anything healthy there that’s for damn sure.

Find a way to reduce the cost of the healthy food and you will see a change in the eating habits….

I think before anyone makes any assumptions there is a lot more information that has to be acquired.

If you would like to read the article just go here

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Note: Just a bit of information this program of removing the obese children from the home is being done in England.  So the government has a model to go by.

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