I have received a lot of feedback from, I am presuming mostly men, who were more concerned about the radiation from Computed Tomography(CT) scans than from mammograms.

I went back and did a Google search; as I was asked to do by one reader. You have to take in consideration the dates of the different articles.  All the articles written before late 2009 did in fact state that there is an increase risk of cancer.  However, since then with modified guidelines combined with updated equipment, they have been surprised by their findings.

The new research showed a lower risk of developing cancer than they originally thought.  Lower risk doesn’t mean no risk.  We just have to put it in perspective.  Don’t go running  to your doctor with every ache or pain and tell him you want a CT scan done.  It should only be used when absolutely necessary.  When the need outweighs the risk.

With the way the health system works here in Canada I don’t think it is the same.  I know from my experience  and with my family and friends, these scans were only done when necessary.

Here are some links to articles from 2010 and 2011:


I hope this satisfies your concerns regarding this issue,  if you have any questions about this or any other topic please let me know.


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