In a recent article in Popular Science Researchers at MIT and Northeastern University developed nanotube “micro-worms” to be embedded under the skin to monitor health and/or slowly leak medicine into targeted areas.  They are about 200 nanometers across, or less than one-hundredth the width of a human hair, allowing them to hang out in the body without triggering any immune response.  Could you even imagine that let alone trying to work with something that small.

They could be filled with a fluorescent material that brightens under certain conditions. Such as for diabetics to check their blood sugar.  No more needles.

Following is an excerpt from the article:



by Rebecca Boyle 02.18.2011

New nanotube “micro-worms” could lead to new types of embeddable biological sensors or drug-delivery systems, according to researchers in Boston. The tubes’ length keeps them well anchored in the body, where they can monitor chemical conditions or slowly leak medicine into targeted areas.

There are plenty of other micro-particle systems, including those that monitor medical conditions or deliver drugs to certain organs. But they are usually spherical and small enough to be swept away from their intended location. These tubular micro-worms, by contrast, are more easily anchored in a certain spot.

Karen Gleason, a chemical engineering professor at MIT, led the research effort, which is described in a forthcoming issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To read the full article go here:microworms

So they embed these worms under your skin and they light up when something needs to be taken care of.  For a person who has several health conditions, does that person then get several of these implanted?  And if so, that person could easily light up like a Christmas tree if medication is need all at the same time.  (Just a thought)


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