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If  you didn’t watch the news last Thursday then here is a link to Fox News.  They have announced that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) is an Actual Disease having found evidence in the spinal fluid.


Over the weekend there was a lot of information to go through concerning this and XMRV.  There is a great group called XMRV Global Action.  They are up to the minute, up to the second with all the research, all the information you could ask for concerning XMRV and anyone, any disease, any thing even remotely involved with this retrovirus. They are very passionate for the cause because they all have CFS or one of the other diseases associated with XMRV (or someone close to them has).  I will keep up with giving updates but this is just too big for one person to report on.   That is why I am giving you the link to XMRV Global Action.  I have found their Facebook page and I think that anyone who has shown interest should go to their Facebook page.  The information they give is constantly being updated 24/7.

They have linked up with all the right people,  and are now a force to be reckoned with.

XMRV-Global-Action Facebook page

Once on the page there is a plethora of information.  You can be on there for hours.  I suggest when you go on the page you have the time to go slowly and review the information.  They give links to back up all their information.

Again I will posts updates on the subject but if you need more detailed information, I truly believe XMRV Global Action is the place to go to get the information.

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