In discussions on Fibromyalgia (FM) this past week, I realized that I did forget to mention an important part in the Back to Basics – Fibromyalgia article.  The 18 tender points.  It is very important that you know exactly where these 18 points are.  If not, you could be going to doctors complaining about ailments, complaining about the doctors, getting frustrated, all because you just wanted to go to the clinic for a painful knee, or sore elbow.  You would never think that it could be the FM.  So the best way is to show you. Below is a diagram of the 18 tender points on the body.

Some places call them trigger points because they trigger acute pain,  but if you look up Fibromyalgia they are called tender points because you can barely touch these 18 points without causing pain.

At this time the best website that I have seen with the most comprehensive up to date information on Fibromyalgia is Wikipedia.  Here is the link:

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