There are times in our lives when our decisions do not turn out the way we envisioned.  Sometimes our reasons for our decisions are right and good, but somewhere along the way our focus shifts, then the outcome changes and not always in a good way.

I had some elective surgery done this summer that I wanted done for many years now.  The surgery was done for health reasons as well.  Instead of listening to many doctors and my gut instincts, I went with a surgeon who was referred to me and seemed at the time very personable.

Always go with your gut instincts! I am not pleased with the results.  In order to move on you have to acknowledge all that you feel.  I am at the point in my journey now that even though other people would be screaming I cannot.  Why?  I feel it’s just a waste of energy for me. I still feel a peace inside of me. However, do I feel angry?  Yes.  I acknowledge the anger I feel inside.  But who am I angry at?  Am I angry at the surgeon, for doing such a thing to my body? Am I angry at myself, for making the decision in the first place, or, all of the above?

Once you acknowledge your feelings you must let go to move on.  Harboring them causes negative energy to grow within.  Can I let go of the anger and move on spiritually, while I am dealing with the surgeon and possible lawsuits physically? If I can keep myself grounded and meditate daily, yes I can keep the peace inside.

What are your thoughts on this?  Can I move on spiritually and still deal with this issue? I am very interested in hearing your comments.



About Donna

I came from a financial background including banking, insurance and real estate. I am an advocate for people taking there health into their own hands. That includes mental, physical and spiritual health. I am also a mother and grandmother (babcia) to a delightful, rambunctious, curious, beautiful, precious....(I can go on for ever) little boy.. who melts my heart every day.
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