Now is the time to take a stand
We must change our current pace
To deal with our human race
So diversely similar we are
That is not contradictory by far.
From one continent to another
From sea to sea to sea
Every man and woman, including you and me
Is as similar as diversity allows
And as diverse as the world allows.
Forget your religious beliefs
Or the environment that you’re in
Or even the color of your skin
We all smile when we’re content
We all bleed red when injured and rent.
Please Bless the human race
Stop the strife amongst each other
Yes we are one, my brother,
My sister, my friend, and
Grant us peace for all our land.
by: DTDlugozima
©2009 all rights reserved

Today, September 21, is World Peace Day. A day where everyone is to put down their arms.  A day where all over the world appeals are made to combatants to observe a ceasefire.  A day where we reaffirm our commitment to peace and non-violence.

This also starts the beginning of the International Year of Youth. They are our future.   Instead of leaving what we now see as a disaster for them to clean up, let us get their input NOW!!  They have fresh new innovative ideas with the energy to make it happen.

Here is an excerpt from this morning’s speech from United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

This year, Peace Day is dedicated to young people.  This month marks the beginning of the International Year of Youth.  Its theme of dialogue and mutual understanding captures the very essence of peace.

Young people today are at home with global diversity; comfortable in an interconnected world.  Yet they are also vulnerable to the forces of extremism.  So I say to all governments and our partners: let us do more for young people.  Let us give them a world of peace and tolerance.

And I say to all young people: join us.  Help us to work for peace.  You are impatient.  You see what we, your elders, allow to persist, year after year: poverty and hunger; injustice and impunity; environmental degradation.

With just five years remaining to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, I ask all, young and old, to help us to find global solutions to these global problems.  Share your plans and ideas, act with creativity and passion.  Help us fight for peace and prosperity for all.

(from) June 13,2010 – Message for 100 days Countdown to International Day of Peace

……….this International Day comes with a challenge for young people everywhere:  Expand on your work to build peace.  Share your plans and ideas, with creativity and passion.  The world’s concerns will soon be in your hands.

………. we recognize two truths:  Only in a peaceful environment will young people realize their full potential – and young people have the potential to start building that peaceful world today.

Every month I have been posting the world peace card meditation dates.  As you can see on the side bar I now have them listed there.   This is my way of contributing to World Peace.  If you are new and would like to join the monthly meditation please leave a comment and I will post the details once again.

May Peace be with you.



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