As many of you know I am an  avid Astrology follower.  If you do read your horoscope you have heard about the Cardinal Cross this summer.  All these big wig planets of change are changing signs and forming a square.

For those who are interested, this is what is happening:

We live in a time when the planets a.k.a. the trans-saturnians are changing residence. This will greatly change the world not only on a sociopolitical level, but also on a spiritual level. After conjuncting the Galactic Centre, Pluto has entered Capricorn, which will probably usher in great changes in the way we view our responsibility towards Reality: our society, world-relations, the Earth and the way we shape our own lives. Uranus will go from Pisces to Aries soon and Neptune will enter Pisces in 2011.

From many different sources: the Mayan Calendar, Ancient Egypt, Astronomy, a message is heard that Earth is heading for a major transformation. What is the Zodiac telling us?

As the sun enters Leo on the 22 of July 2010, Saturn – while entering Libra – will from a T-cross with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn and Uranus are each others antagonists: Saturn is conservative and consolidating and is elevated in Libra, the sign of right human relations and law, while Uranus brings revolution and renewal to the already initiating authority of Aries. This incredibly dynamic exact opposition will release its energy through Pluto’s uncompromising and transforming lens in Capricorn: challenging the status-quo in an unimaginable way. On the first of August the New Moon will trine The Galactic Centre and form a sextile to Neptune and two weeks later complete this Cardinal Cross as she enters Cancer.

At the same moment Saturn conjuncts Venus and Mars in Libra and Uranus conjuncts the expansive Jupiter energy, which will act like gasoline on Uranus. Yet, at the same time all the trans-saturnians are retrograde, implying some sort of delay in the event.

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This is causing major turmoil all over the world.  Just think about what has happened so far this year.

I have to apologize because this went way out of topic in one sense.  To bring you back on topic, I have a short video for you for when the stresses of this year courtesy of the lovely planets or not, have taken a tole on you.  Please sit back and relax and watch as it soothes and helps you refocus.




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  1. saskiadavis says:

    Thanks greatly for the astrological info. I don’t follow it, but I feel it and then wonder what is going on. This fits my experience. Also, very nice video!


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