Young Artists for Haiti – Wavin’ Flag was written by K’naan, and the song Wavin’ Flag was originally the official theme song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. This song has been on the radio for a few months now.  However, today was the first time I actually sat back and listened to the words.

Sometimes you need that little nudge to open your eyes and really feel what you see. Not just gaze around with your eyes but really look and focus like you are looking through your heart.  It is like when you are reading, you can either read the page quickly or you can read the page and really comprehend everything that you read. So perhaps you know what is going on around the world and pray it never happens to you or you know you are better off than many people and worse off than many people. BUT, it’s that one unbelievable, no mistaking, lightbulb comes on moment where everything just clicks, and you sit back,  your jaw drops and you go  “WOW”!  That, you feel in your heart!

I had tears in my eyes as I thanked God for everything I have in my life after I listened to the song.  Actually my WOW moment was halfway through the song.

Yes, it has happened before (the tears), and it will most definitely happen again. I have an abundance of tears to go around.  Maybe that’s why I have such chubby cheeks, they are full of backup tears.  I am getting off topic here, ahem.

Here is the link for Young Artists for Haiti – Wavin’ Flag

in Canada and US :

I don’t think the UK and Europe can see the first one so try this one:

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