You are given 24 hours every day.  It is your time.  Everyone gets the same 24 hours no more, no less.   You own those 24 hours to do with what you will.  It is your choice what you want to do with those 24 hours.  Tomorrow you will be given another 24 hours to do with what you want.  It is your time.

Most people complain that they don’t have time for themselves.   That their time is not theirs it is work time, kids time etc…   Well yes because you chose to make it that way.  Now, in our day and age we must pay to keep a roof over our heads, in some areas pay to keep us warm, pay for electricity to keep the lights on and pay for food on the table;  the necessities of life.  For that we give time in exchange to work so you can get paid money to pay for all the “necessities of life”.

However, people got greedy; they want more than just the necessities.  They want a new car; they want the big screen TV, a Nintendo WII, the latest computer, a laptop, blackberry, and don’t forget the gym memberships.  Their kids must be in competitive sports, Martial Arts and Leadership skills training.  All these things they have given up their time for in one way or another.   Then at the end of the day they fall into bed and say I had no time for myself.  I know I did it.

This is your entire ego wanting more and more and more.  Just like you chose to do all these things, you must choose to set time for yourself.  Stop and smell the roses!  I cannot stress this enough!  Your body will thank you, your mind will thank you, your soul will thank you!    If you have to wake up 15–30 minutes earlier, do it.   Meditating for 15-30 minutes in the morning and in the evening would be ideal.  If not, at least morning or evening, or lunch, or break you get the idea.  Do something that makes you happy.  Not something that makes your kids happy so it makes you happy.  Something that really makes YOU happy!

Try this fun exercise.  Just sit back and relax. Make sure you will not be disturbed for your time whether it is 15, 30 or 45 minutes.   Close your eyes and just go within for a few minutes.  Think about what you really want.  I mean what YOU really really want.  We are talking what ifs.  What if you could change your reality?  Change it to what ever YOU want it to be.  How would you change it?  What would you do?  How would YOU take responsibility for YOUR life?  What do YOU want to be when you grow up?  Where do you want to be?  With whom do you want to be with?  If you want to live on a tropical island with all the amenities then so be it.  This is your reality.  Remember What if …(the kids were all moved on)… what if ….(you had all the money and everything at your disposal)    what if……………….   You had a blank slate to start with…………………………..??

You might just get at first:  I would like a nice bungalow with my husband or to travel.  Wait.  That is your ego again.  Go within and ask yourself specifically.  What do I really want? WHAT DO I *ME* MYSELF* I REALLY TRULY WANT?   Then start getting your answers. Be specific.   Relax, have fun with it.  These are your true dreams and realities.




About Donna

I came from a financial background including banking, insurance and real estate. I am an advocate for people taking there health into their own hands. That includes mental, physical and spiritual health. I am also a mother and grandmother (babcia) to a delightful, rambunctious, curious, beautiful, precious....(I can go on for ever) little boy.. who melts my heart every day.
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