FIBROMYALGIA: New Insights Into a Misunderstood Ailment

FIBROMYALGIA: New Insights Into a Misunderstood Ailment

This is an excerpt taken from Written by Holly VanScoy HealthDay Reporter, Originally posted January 1 (HealthDay News).

Latest research indicates that fibromyalgia is the result of internal biochemical imbalances that cause physical symptoms such as pain, weakness and mental impairment.

Even with the findings about relatively small psychological influence, practical experience seems to indicate that stress may play a role. Roger H. Murphree, a Birmingham, Ala., chiropractor who specializes in treating patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, said he has seen a link between stress and the intensity of fibromyalgia.

“Most of us live in a world of stress,” Murphree said. “Something has to give, and it’s usually sleep. Meanwhile, we subsist on junk food, caffeine, alcohol and prescription medications. Such a lifestyle isn’t good for anyone. But for an unlucky few, the toll is severe.”

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, whose practice in Annapolis, Md., led him to do research into fibromyalgia and the closely related chronic fatigue syndrome, concluded that the body’s endocrine system could hold the clue to treatment. It’s a matter of how the body’s energy is marshaled, he said.

“Fibromyalgia is like the body blowing a fuse,” he explained. “The hypothalamus serves as humans’ internal fuse box. When the demands of living build up, stress increases and the hypothalamus shuts down. Because the circuit is overtaxed and the fuse is blown, the body simply can’t generate enough energy.”

“That causes muscles to cease functioning in a shortened position, resulting in pain all over the body and a general feeling of fatigue or weariness,” Teitelbaum said.

Murphree’s experience with hundreds of patients confirms Teitelbaum’s analogy. Most, he said, are either “Type A” perfectionists or “Type B” caregivers.

“Type A fibromyalgia patients work and work and work until they burn out,” said Murphree. “Type B patients give and give and give — nurturing their spouses, children, family and friends — until they break down. Anyone whose lifestyle includes very little downtime is at risk.”

Teitelbaum recommends a four-pronged approach to repair the “blown fuse” and turn the body’s current back on:

* Restoration of sleep — at a minimum, eight to nine hours every night, using appropriate medications, as needed;

* Restoration of a normal hormone balance, including thyroid, adrenal and reproductive hormones;

* Appropriate treatment for infections that may be present as a consequence of the body’s depleted immune function;

* Nutritional support, particularly with B complex vitamins, magnesium, zinc and malic acid.

Teitelbaum uses the acronym SHIN to summarize his treatment regimen. “S is for sleep, H for hormone balance, I for infection control, and N for nutrition,” he explained. “The important thing is that all four should be implemented in concert with one another for maximum therapeutic effect.”

I like the “Blown Fuse” analogy. I say the body goes toxic and they say they body get infections and blows a fuse. Their approach is similar to what I use to get myself back to relative normalcy. I approach it more holistically with meditation however, in the end I am glad that finally we are seeing some progress with doctors taking this more seriously.

I have more articles that I will be posting shortly on new research..

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  1. ForceFactor says:

    What exactly can it be about perusing points through another person’s eyes that gives an individual such a wonderful perspective? I am incredibly grateful for the blog and how it’s developed the internet right into a enormous collection of shared thoughts. I basically wound up here by way of Bing when I was doing a bit of researching for some course work that I have. It’s always a pleasure perusing through and I truly do hope you keep things up. Thank you!


    • Donna says:

      Thank you so much for your comments. I do appreciate all comments and of course especially ones like yours. I am passionate in what I am doing and I hope it helps at least a few people out there to realize that they have to be more proactive with their health now.


  2. Edwina Raap says:

    It’s pretty awesome having nutrition as my life. I always tell people when they ask me what kind of supplements to take. Start with the basics and get some whey protein as a body building supplement then if you want, try an EFA stack for weight loss. As always throw in a multivitamin.


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