Star light star bright the first star I see tonight.  I wish I may I wish I might I wish I wish this wish tonight!!  As a little girl I would always say this as I looked up at the sky at night.  I do have to confess, I still do when the stars are out.  I love looking at the stars at night and it is just a habit to say that short phrase as soon as I look up at the stars and think of the wonder of the universe.

I was just sitting here listening to Guns ‘n’ Roses song Patience. “All we need is just a little patience”.

The universe is good for that. Making us wait. Giving us ‘practice in patience’. It doesn’t matter whether you want to or not, if the universe thinks you need the practice, you are going to get that practice, and that’s all there is to it. It is just like anything else in the universe. If you really want something, you pray for it, and you wish for it, and you think you do everything right to get what you want. The universe steps in and will see whether or not it is in your life’s plan, or in other words, Gods plan for you to have it. If so, the universe will make sure that you get it. However, if it’s not in your life’s plan, you can wish and pray and do everything right all you want and you will not get. So here you are wishing again and again, and praying and praying and patiently waiting, because, god forbid you get angry and give off any negative energy, then you would have to start all over again. But, in the end sometimes after you pray soooo hard and wish soooo hard and you are soooo patient, the universe thinks “wow, this person is just not getting it!”. So he will grant that wish knowing full well that this is not going to turn out very well. And sure enough the wish flops.

Now after your wish flops, you’re thinking I wasted all this time, and I shouldda this and I shouldda that, and your so upset with the universe. Well don’t be. I have had the equivalent to years of ‘practice in patience’ because this old girl is STUBBORN, and I can honestly tell you it is not worth it. Why? Because the universe doesn’t work that way. Do you think that if you put so much effort into your wish that nothing would happen? The universe is like the genie in the bottle. He loves to grant wishes. So the next time you make a wish and pray for something, make sure you also say: “I surrender my wishes to the Universe/ God/dess/Higher Power (whatever you feel more comfortable using) Please grant my wish or what is best for me.”…… Again ‘practice in patience’. …..Then be amazed at what the universe delivers!…..

Now go and make a wish!


About Donna

I came from a financial background including banking, insurance and real estate. I am an advocate for people taking there health into their own hands. That includes mental, physical and spiritual health. I am also a mother and grandmother (babcia) to a delightful, rambunctious, curious, beautiful, precious....(I can go on for ever) little boy.. who melts my heart every day.
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